Program Schedule

8am — Foundational Voice from Herald of Truth Founder Batsell Barrett Baxter
9am — Music and Devos
10am — Dear Church Podcast with Chris McCurley
11am — Music and Devos
12pm — Helping. Healing. Humor. with Ben Hayes and Travis Creasy
1pm — Radically Christian Bible Study Podcast with Wes McAdams
2pm — Music and Devos
3pm — Various Speakers / Mike Mazzalongo Podcast and Sermons (BibleTalk.TV)
4pm — Road Talk Podcast with Jacob Hawk
5pm — Leadership Podcast with Bob Turner
6pm — Trey Morgan Sermons
7pm — Stronger Marriage with Trey and Lea Morgan
*Schedule is subject to change
*All times are in CST
*Schedule runs on a 12 hour rotation currently
Current track